ICON Patch

Height 3.25
Width 3.25

A classic brought back from the Spiritus Systems Vaults. Precise embroidery make this patch a true modern Icon. 

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Very nice
Written by Adam on Sep 10th 2019

It comes in a wax sealed envelop and is a quality patch. The best made I have seen.

Written by Tms on Mar 13th 2019

So I opened my package and in there was a hand stamped paper envelope that had been closed with a wax stamp. Both stamps were the spiritus emblem. I was quite honestly blown away by the packaging. It was some of the most hipster artistically hand crafted pacakaging I have ever seen in the fire arms world. I say this in a positive manner. It was like something from Filson or similar company. I honestly didn’t even want to break the seal on the envelope it was so perfect. Eventualy I lightly worked it open. The patch is quite nice. As you’d expect of a patch. The packaging was over the top though.

High quality
Written by Michael on Feb 25th 2019

Sleek, high quality patch! Very clean!

Best patch they make
Written by Julian on Oct 27th 2018

This patch is pure class. Subdued and perfect on my MC Black Microfight.

Icon Patch
Written by GarrettS on Sep 11th 2018

Truly a classic well embroidered patch with all the right colors and style making it a fine addition to you Spiritus collection.

Written by Andrew on Sep 8th 2018

Looks great, excellent quality embroidery and colors.