Graveyard T-Shirt

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Eyes open. 

You see a crumbling sky through the sides of a wet trench. 

A failed attack?

You look around, this trench is a graveyard for both sides.

You climb to your feet and and start to stumble along the narrow path. 

A decayed skeletal hand, sticks out from a dirt wall. 

It points around a bend in the trench, leading your further along. 

Towards the glow you go and you hear the sounds of a ruthless cry. 

So many men have died for this patch and you don't know why.

You turn into a darkened pill box. 

You aren't alone. 

A mysterious creature awaits you there. 

Hollow eyes, Arms Crossed, a Horned beast. 

His message is clear. 

Death has become us all.