Fanny SACK MK2

Height 4.50
Width 7.00
Depth 2.50
Color None Selected

The " Fanny SACK" bridges the gap between our popular Sub Abdominal Carry Kit and every day carry. Wear it for a full mission profile, or stash your carry gun in it while you're out on the long board. 

It was designed to make critical equipment easy to access from both sides or when in a confined space like a vehicle. The Fanny SACK can also be worn on the lower back and out of the way but quickly slid around the waist when needed. 

The pouch features a "half zip" design, which means that your equipment will not easily fall out of the pouch even if the zipper is left unsecured. 

The front of the pouch features a small zippered stash pocket that is constructed using a durable 4-way stretch material and is perfect for easy access to small items. The stretch material keeps those items snug and in place.  The bottom of the pouch features two elastic loops that can be adjusted to hold a tourniquet or other equipment that you may need to rapidly deploy. If bottom carry doesn't fit your mission needs, you can easily remove and reinstall the loops as necessary.

Each side has a webbing loop for attaching equipment such as gloves, carabiners or chem lights. 

The inside features soft loop Velcro on both sides. This makes the pouch very dynamic, giving you the ability to use our Velcro Insert Suite to fit your requirements. It also features two slide-locks that make it easy to adjust the tension of the elastic loops hanging below, as well as two internal tie-down loops for securing sensitive equipment. The two grommet holes on the bottom aid with drainage of the pouch, if submersion occurs.  

The Fanny SACK is designed to be worn around your waist.  

Some images shown with optional accessories, sold separately.


Product Reviews

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Making fanny packs great again!
Written by KHOR on Feb 18th 2019

Perfect size, awesome colors, and two riveted holes out the bottom that run two adjustable elastic cords perfect for holding a tourniquet. Fanny SACK MK2 turns 90’s practical into modern tactical.

Fanny Sack
Written by James Elliott on Feb 15th 2019

Good material, strong stitches and quality zippers. Plenty of room for all my smart cards and ATAK, frees my pockets up and consolidates all my needed stuff to an easy to manipulate bag I can hand off.

Fanny SACK MK2 Jet Black
Written by Sergeant Doofus on Feb 14th 2019

I got hit by a car and ended up on crutches with a c-collar. I needed a way to keep all my important doodads accessible at all times while moving along like Frankenstein's monster. It is the perfect size and holds what I need and stays close to my body. When I need to use the little boys room I slide that thing over and do my business. Keeps my keys secure when the bag is open with the loop in the main compartment. Need to pop a pain pill? The front pocket holds the good stuff. Never used a fanny pack before but when I'm healthy I will rock it crossbody like the hype-beasts. My only request is make one in navy blue or burgundy so I look less tactical.

Fanny SACK MK2
Written by KW on Feb 14th 2019

Great price of kit. The quality and workmanship is top notch.

Fantastic multi-use piece of gear
Written by Taylor on Feb 9th 2019

I Work on an ALS ambulance and our company doesn’t provide us dedicated MCI supplies so many of us bring our own kit. I use this as a primary triage pouch, I keep sharpies, chemlights, a TQ, and trauma shears Also fits a pretty comprehensive ifak with the addition of the Velcro inserts

Fanny Sack
Written by Frank Castle on Jan 10th 2019

Dope. The elastic on the outer pocket is nice. Great when you are being active but don't really need a backpack.

MK2 Fanny Sack
Written by Niko on Dec 13th 2018

Simple and lightweight solution for keeping medical gear on hand and put of the way on the range, vehicle, and jobsite.

Holds the Essentials
Written by Eric on Dec 9th 2018

Opted for the Wolf Grey version which doesn't scream"tactical". First use I had for this was a Disneyland trip. Packed the non-security essentials as bags are checked before entry but it held the wallet, keys, chapstick, phones, well during the rides and everything was easily accessible. Everyday carrying is still possible. Despite some other review claims a G19 Gen4 fits in here WITH a holster and spare magazine. You just can't have it angled vertically but off the body carry is still possible. This gives you options when you want to exercise and still have the ability to carry. Eventually if there is enough weight in the Sack it will start tilting forward a bit so keep that in mind to avoid snagging anything. You don't have to be an "operator" to enjoy Spiritus System's products. I applaud this company for creating products with both professionals and prepared civilians in mind.

Use as an EMT
Written by Lane on Dec 3rd 2018

Bought a jet black fanny sack to carry extra equipment as a small go bag for emergencies calls and it exceeds all expectations. Comfortable, easy to adjust, and holds quite a bit. It’s one more excellent piece of equipment that Spiritus delivers on again.

Second favorite
Written by Travis Jenkins on Nov 15th 2018

It’s my second favorite because #bornwithit for the favorite. I Rock this for everything daily or mission type trillness. Holds all my candy condoms and hair ties! Holds the G43 well. If you wanna for a G19 with one or two extra mags and have a good draw sorry but #homieyouneedaholster Now imma throw on this sack and a T shirt and get out there and straight conceal carry shirt cock it #winniethepoohstatus

Just awesome
Written by Ron .A on Nov 13th 2018

Everything those guys make is awesome! Practical, quality and top notch I love the sack and I take it to the gym and when out with the kids I keep my edc in it very well made thank you spiritus systems.

Almost perfect
Written by Philip on Nov 10th 2018

I’d give it 5 stars if it fit my G19 MOS. The color matches my chest rig and the belt expands appropriately to fit me. I was hoping that my glock would fit in a way that facilitate a good draw and be able to carry an extra mag or 2 but unfortunately the SACK is about 1” too short and 1-2” too narrow.

Fanny Sack
Written by Shay on Sep 20th 2018

Like anything Spiritus makes, this doesn’t disappoint. Whether it’s full of medical gear, a range finder, or Chex mix, it works just like it should. I’m glad I got in on this before they sold out.

Best fanny sack out there!
Written by BEW on Sep 13th 2018

It’s just about perfect for anything outdoors. I use mine when I ride my bike. It also fits just right under a plate carrier.