"Carpe Noctem" Shirt

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Carpe Noctem "Seize the Night"


A battlefield tradition for the American Fighting Man who has always prided himself in fighting in the dark. 


These shirts are Next Level Apparel 60/40 Blend, comfortable yet durable. 

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60/40 Blend of Pure Awesomeness
Written by Cody on Dec 6th 2019

I mean seriously look at the shirt. It’s pretty comfy.

My New Favorite Shirt
Written by Jack on Dec 6th 2019

I saw this piece of art in Spiritus's Instagram story. I immediately DM'd them and said if they put it on a shirt would buy it immediately. Sure enough, 0002 on Black Friday I put my money where my mouth was. This was definitely my favorite Black Friday purchase and I even got a Murdered Out Alpha Wolf patch to go with it. Besides the awesome design, I think I see better in the dark now.

Written by Miles on Nov 27th 2019

I’ve recently time traveled back from the future where I had this shirt. It’s, without a doubt, the best shirt I’ve ever owned. I wore it to celebrate the 2020 new year where I met my wife. Also had it on when I won the lottery. Our mansion burnt down so I’ve come back to snag another.