Bank Robber Chest Rig

Height 5.00
Width 14.00
Depth 0.10
Maximum purchase 2
Color None Selected Required

The Bank Robber Chest Rig is a low profile minimalist chest worn load carriage system.


It is designed to work with either our Skinny Straps or Fat Straps set ups. It also requires a Back Strap to work properly. Shoulder and back straps are NOT included and must be purchased separately!

The Chest Rig is constructed entirely out of elastic material. This enables it to conform and retain oddly shaped items such as smoke grenades, flash bangs, magazines and tourniquets.  

The Bank Robber comes standard with 4 Elastic cells and two retention bungees designed to hold tourniquets or other like items. 

Due to the minimalist nature of the Bank Robber, it does not come with Velcro to mount sub loads or attach it to a plate carrier. 



*Shown with optional items, not included. 

 If you are ordering for a MIL/LEO unit, please contact

Cord-locks for this product may arrive "unset." If your slide-lock seems to be broken/has no spring action, it likely just needs to be set. Squeezing the lock firmly between your thumb and index finger should apply enough pressure to the top of the lock to "pop" it, activating the spring mechanism.


Product Reviews

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Going above and beyond the above and beyond
Written by C Joe on Apr 25th 2021

I am new to the gun world. And while I've taken a few classes, dry fired, read and watched, and sent party favors down range to get my reps in, there's so much to this world that I just can't know without experience or someone showing me. That's where Spiritus comes in, and this is where they went above and beyond the above and beyond. I purchased a chest rig to hold mags, because after basic pistol training obviously comes larping for end-of-world prep. Problem is that I didn't know what gear I truly needed. The customer service with Spiritus is beyond amazing: they walked me through the entire purchase process. They asked what kit I have at home, offered advice on which products would best compliment my home kit, and answered email after email, question after question. They didn't just tolerate or endure this newbie, they were actually excited to participate in this new members new learning experience. To me that is markings of a Great company, great customer service, and great products: excitement to serve their customers. As I finish my "Uncle Bidens Comin4U Reaction Kit", I sit and admire how above and beyond this team went to serve the community. Thank you, Spiritus!

Bank Robber Chest Rig
Written by Johnny Boy on Dec 7th 2020

This rig runs, it's lightweight, stows easy, and looks good. Wear it over a sweat shirt, a T-shirt, no shirt, or even under a suit jacket. In all seriousness it really is a great rig so buy one or maybe ten because they are a fair price for the quality and capability. Oh yeah, it looks good when worn under a light gray sport coat, and carrying a Colt 733.

Bank Robber. Quick, secure, discreet
Written by Eagle Charlie on Jul 29th 2020

Absolutely perfect for a low vis kinetic loadout, range, force on force with the boys, whatever you could possibly put it though. Excellent no nonsense design, sturdy, yet flexible construction, it’s going to be hard to want to take this off.

Great compact chest rig
Written by Richard on May 25th 2020

Bought this with the intent of leaving it in a “go bag.” My mindset is that in an emergency situation I’d never have enough time to get my family ready and my kit on fast enough, so this will be at the ready in my pack if the need should ever arise. Feels durable off the bat. I will be training with it so the durability will be tested and I do plan on buying another. 1 for the pack and the other to train with. So far, a great product as expected from spiritus. Thanks for making this fellas and keep up the great work!

Excellent for my needs
Written by Eric Austin on Dec 10th 2019

I wanted something very minimalist and slick for an upcoming 2-gun competition that was not expensive to carry extra magazines as I am not wearing a plate carrier. This really fit the bill along with the skinny straps. It weighs virtually nothing, holds the magazines very well yet still easy to access, the construction quality is outstanding, and they don't upcharge for multicam like so many places do. I might upgrade someday to the modular system but for now this really does the job well and fits in just fine with my battle belt with H-Harness to really allow be to carry a lot with very reduced bulk.

Low Price, High Quality
Written by Ryan on Sep 24th 2019

I bought this with the skinny straps and back strap mentioned in the description. It fits P-Mags snugly and is about as cumbersome as two t-shirts. For $85 total, you can't really beat the Bank Robber.

Everything you need!
Written by Bryton Larsen on Aug 20th 2019

I’m not a huge fan of big and bulky setups, and even though I like the idea of a micro rig, I wasn’t down for the amount of money and time I would have to invest in setting one up. So I went with the Bank Robber. I’m very minimalistic, so this worked perfectly for me! It hugged my body well, and didn’t shift on me. Took it to a course about 3 days after receiving it and not once did it fail on me!

Over view
Written by Chandler Carr on Jul 24th 2019

This chest-rig is perfect for quick mag changes and offers strong retention. I run it with three mags and a PRC-152. The radio fits snug and I haven't had issues with retention. This chest-rig is optimal for quick access. to gear as well as concealment. If you wear a button up shirt, or a wind breaker over this it yields a low profile. Re-inserting mags or gear isn't the quickest, but that is attributed to the outstanding retention of the elastic material that the chest-rig is made of. This chest-rig is highly comparable with plate carriers, as well as stand alone use. Highly recommend if you're looking for a covert or low profile rig.

Gear review
Written by Casey edwards on Apr 26th 2019

Products are top notch, this rig is great to have a couple to keep around for grab and good straight up gunfight situation and low pro

Genius Minimalism
Written by Jack on Nov 26th 2018

This is the perfect rig for someone who just wants to carry a few mags, TQs, and a med kit. So simple. Conceals under a jacket if you need to. It's only 47 bucks, why haven't you bought it yet?

Bank Robber chest rig
Written by Thomas McIntyre on Oct 6th 2018

Absolutely fucking awesome!!!!! Im new to airsoft and gradually building up my load out. I went with the bank robber for my first chest rig. Today was my first time getting on the field with the bank robber. Paired with a mag drop pouch, the bank robber made my airsofting experience much more enjoyable and efficient. No more awkwardly fumbling with cargo pockets. I play in Florida, I think people that rock plate carriers or bulky chest rigs are absolutely nuts!!! Looking forward to upgrading to the micro fight later. I only give the bank robber 4 stars because reindexing empty mags is not going to happen while you’re on the field putting work in(drop pouch to the rescue!). Bank Robber= badass rig for your mags while staying cool and leaving bulk behind.

bank robber chest rig
Written by troy marshall on Aug 16th 2018

simple ,straightforward , effective

awesome rig
Written by CJ on Aug 10th 2018

Easily fit 3 x AR mags + 1 x HT radio, also 1 x TQ and 1 x Trauma bandage - all held tight to the body for easy concealment under a hoodie or rain jacket. Doesn't get better or more affordable for a low pro rig!

Totally awesome
Written by Coy on Jul 31st 2018

Really good quality, I have mine set up with three mags, a radio, the fat straps, and tourniquets. makes an excellent throw in the truck chest rig

Brings the Heat
Written by Groot on May 25th 2018

Quite possibly the lowest-profile and most minimalist chest rig on the market. This will fit under a loose shirt with minimal printing (loaded with flat gear like mags, at least), provides excellent retention, and weighs next to nothing. As noted in the description, you can affix spare TQ's to the ends for easy access or as part of an 'all-in-one' rig for use in active shooter response or as part of a counter-ambush go-bag if you're running low profile. The elastic cells hold anything from a decent size hand-held radio (Motorolla or 148's) to flashbangs or M18 smoke, and tall-boy cans (Monster, Rockstar, PBR, etc). I've tried this with both AR & AK pattern mags. The AR mags extract flawlessly and have adequate clearance between them to not knock together. This includes PMAG's with the integrated 'Ranger plates'. The AK mags (7.62 WP) fit, but aren't ideal. For one, the curved shape causes three of the mags to bang against one another. Additionally, the locking tab tends to hang up in the open-bottom design when trying to extract the mag. In short, this thing isn't designed for use with an AK, but you can make it work if you're wiling to deal with those two things. Overall this is the best minimalist rig I've run over the past fourteen years and an outstanding product built for the professional end-user. I'd definitely buy one built for sub-gun mags (MP5 or Glock-pattern).

Small but Deadly
Written by Tristan on Apr 5th 2018

I bought this carrier recently to attempt at using it with a 7.62 ak. I can sufficiently say that this is by far the best elastic minimal chestrig on the market hands down. Not only is the retention top notch, the quality is superb as well. Only problems I have personally had are a few stitches fraying on the tops of the cells. 9.5/10 for you simplemen. @tristanhco on ig

Superb product
Written by Josh Davis on Mar 28th 2018

This rig is ultra low-profile, slick, and functional for many uses. My first spiritus rig and definitely not my last!

Bank Robber Chest Rig Review
Written by Chris on Mar 27th 2018

As a civilian, I wanted a lightweight no frills rig that can accommodate just a couple 30rd mags for the range, a spare double stack handgun mag, and some misc tools (light, pen, notepad, and a deploy-able SOFTT). This thing fits the bill in just about every way possible. It's super easy to access and put on with the slim straps and back straps plus I can wear it under just about anything i own. The only issue I have is that Magpul gen3 mags may hang-up slightly vs the gen2 (little bigger footprint), but over time they stretch to fit and retain the fit very nicely. Pros: comfy, secure on body and secures mags very well. Very easy to use to practice with reloads and drills. Cons: None, the build quality is about as good as it probably the only chest rig in its size class. I hope to get the micro rig soon as well!

Many Applications
Written by @Suitup_tactical on Feb 13th 2018

If you are looking for a chest rig that is simple and sleek, pick up a Bank robber chest rig. Fits perfect under jackets and button up shirts (make sure to get an extra size of what you are for button up shirt) and over jackets and plate carriers. The magazine pouches can hold your standard ar15 30 /40, pistol mags, radio, bang energy drink/smoke or flashbangs. I like the shock cord attachments that can hold tourniquet or other stuff. The clips work with Haley Strategic harness. I was really pleased. Can wait to use this for training or at the gravel pit. Excellent rig IG @Suitup_tactical

This rig rocks!
Written by Erik Roll on Feb 11th 2018

Everything you need to carry what you need, nothing you don't. This is THE low profile chest rig to get. The materials are durable, the sewing is sturdy, and the retention of the pouches is great. Not much more to comment on. It's four pouches, six buckles, and two elastic retention bands of pure genius.

Bank Robber review
Written by Zach on Dec 5th 2017

BLUF: If you a looking for a no BS low vis carrier, that can hold everything needed to accomplish your mission, buy this rig. The rig is comfortable, lightweight and definitely low vis. The elastic carriers hold close to anything you’re willing to stuff in them, from a small med kit to grenades and water bottles. The side shock cord keepers are great for holding TQs and other slim items. The rig is small enough it will fit in my back pocket(without straps) and be easily deployed in any environment. Overall this lightweight rig has earned a permanent spot in my gear inventory. Great piece of kit, definitely recommend to anyone.