Advanced Trauma Response Kit - Quick Clot

Height 4.50
Width 6.00
Depth 2.50

***For US/APO sales only. Not for export. All overseas orders placed for this item will be rejected. MEDICAL EQUIPMENT CANNOT BE RETURNED, ALL SALES ARE FINAL*** 


The Advanced Trauma Response Kit - Quick Clot (ATRK-QC)


Medical kit is often overlooked in the tactical community. We wanted to create a series of products that would compliment our various pouches and satisfy the need for top of the line medical equipment. 

The ATRK-QC is a fully stocked personal IFAK. For a more stripped down version, check out our "Basic Trauma Response Kit - Quick Clot" which can be found by clicking here. 

The ATRK-QC will fit in and is compatible with our SACK Pouch, Fanny Sack Pouch, Lazarus Head Rest Kit, and our General Purpose Pouch. 

The ATRK-QC contains life-saving components that are suitable for those who have medical training, a good understanding of trauma response, and are trained with equipment like the ARS Needle Decompression Needle. It is a solid option for those who are looking for a turn key, inclusive IFAK solution. 


What comes in the ATRK-QC? 

1 x S Rolled Gauze - For packing and wrapping wound sites. 

1 x Quick Clot Combat Gauze - A powerful hemostatic agent also used for packing inside of wound sites. 

1 x Dry Sterile Burn Dressing - Used for treating burns as the material will not stick to wounds. Is also a great replacement for a standard cravat. 

1 x 4" Mini Emergency Trauma Dressing -  Used for compressing and wrapping wounds. Can also be used to secure splints or for slinging injured arms. 

1 x Emergency Survival Wrap - Used for protecting the patient from the elements and hypothermia. 

1 x HyFin Vent Compact Chest Seal, Twin Pack - Used to treat tension pneumothorax caused by penetrating trauma. Comes in a pack of two to handle both an entrance and exit wound. 

1 x ARS Needle Decompression Kit (10 Gauge) - Used to treat tension pneumothorax.  

1 x Set of 2" Flat Surgical Tape "Frog Tape" - Not your old school tape roll. This is packaged flat and weather proof. Each set contains six (6) - 2"x9" inch strips of white medical tape, with 3M Durapore adhesive on easy release backing. 

1 x  Micro Permanent Marker - Used for marking on casualties and casualty cards. 

1 x Combat Casualty Card - Used to annotate important patient information, which is critical when passing patients off to higher levels of care. 

1 x Bear Claw Nitrile Gloves- SIZE Large, Latex Free. Sand Color so that you can see blood on them, even in low light conditions. 


We understand that some users want to carry more of certain items. This is why we have chosen to break out some of the kit items into individual SKU's, so that the user can purchase these items individually and in quantities that he/she finds suitable. 


Items that we sell individually to augment your ATRK-QC:


Combat Application Tourniquet 

Hypothermia Wrap 

Dry Sterile Burn Dressing, CRAVAT XL

ARS for Needle Decompression ( 10 Gauge,3.25 Inch)

2" Frog Tape 

Nasopharyngeal Airway with Lubricant (#28)

Large Trauma Shears 

Large Bear Claw Nitrile Gloves (5 Pack)


Some images shown with option accessories, sold separately.  


Disclaimer: Medical Equipment is serious business. It is absolutely critical and advised that you seek appropriate training for the equipment you plan on purchasing and using. By purchasing Medical equipment from us the customer represents and warrants that all individuals using products purchased from Spiritus Systems are adequately trained in their use, and the Customer will cause the use of such products to be according to any instructions contained in packaging of such product, and to be in accord with current standards of care applicable thereto. 

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Advanced Trauma Response Kit
Written by Jake Rogers on Sep 21st 2020

Fantastic Kit. Spiritus makes a fantastic product, and the thought that went into this IFAK show that. Everything is NAEMT approved. Buy a few CAT's while you're at it.

Advanced Trauma Kit
Written by Zachary Howard on Jul 9th 2019

Excellent kit for any load out. It's all high grade medical equipment that you can trust your life with. The packaging is perfect to keep the contents safe from weather and debris. I ditched my old kit for this, I ended up buying a couple extras just to stash in my vehicles and other places.